IBFX Daily Pivots - The Newest Trading Tool from IBFX

Sunday, December 9, 2007 - 11:10 pm -- Abigail Degraff

Forex traders will now have the ability to add daily pivot levels to charts

Salt Lake City, December 10, 2007 - IBFX (IBFX.com) continues to build upon its business philosophy of putting its customers first by expanding its library of free trading tools, to include IBFX Daily Pivots.

With IBFX Daily Pivots, off-exchange foreign currency (forex) traders can chart support and resistance levels as a means to identify key entry and exit points. Key to understanding pivot point levels is the idea of support and resistance. In fact, pivot points are simply a series of support and resistance levels, with the inclusion of a median price level. Support and resistance levels give traders a visual gauge of pressure points within the market, specifically at certain price levels.

"By putting our customers first, we are constantly looking at new tools for our traders," said Todd Crosland, founder and CEO of IBFX. "We believe, IBFX Daily Pivots will quickly become an invaluable addition to our customer's technical repertoire and will only help them make better informed trading decisions."

In recent years, pivot points have become a very well-known and widely-used technical analysis tool. There are multiple scenarios in which a trader might utilize support and resistance levels as a means to identify key entry and exit points. Standard pivot points include five levels (levels that are represented as distinct lives on a trader's chart). The median level, or middle line of the five, is called the "pivot point". The other four levels are found above and below the pivot points in the form of two support lines (S1 and S2) and two resistance lines (R1 and R2).

IBFX Daily Pivots uses the previous trading session's open, high, low and close in order to calculate the pivot levels. The tool gives traders an added advantage beyond simply looking at one support level and one resistance level. Through the use of pivot points, traders are able to gauge support and resistance levels on a scale in relation to an average price range (the pivot point or line itself) for the trading session.

IBFX Daily Pivots is available now for free download at www.ibfx.com. IBFX Daily Pivots expands IBFX trading library that already includes key tools such as:

  • Graphic Pattern Software (GPS) - a pattern recognition program
  • Candlestick Pattern Recognition (CPR) - a candlestick pattern software
  • IBFX U (www.ibfxu.com) - an online educational site featuring forex courses

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